cosmetic periodontal surgery Richmond VAGrove Avenue Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is proud to specialize in state-of-the art tooth whitening procedures and we are happy to give you an overview of the best and the brightest options here.

If you have been hiding your smile for months or years due to tooth discoloration caused by aging, genetics, medications, or poor oral care, give yourself the gift of a professionally brightened, whitened smile. At Grove, we love to see our cosmetic patients’ smiles brightening up Richmond with a boost from our dentists.

Whitening Options

Multiple tooth whitening options exist, differentiated by cost and how quickly and effectively they work. The three primary options when considering tooth whitening are: applying a dental-grade bleaching agent at home using trays made for you by your dentist (known as the take-home system); having your teeth bleached in a dentist’s office; or purchasing an over-the-counter bleaching system to apply at home.

  • Take-Home Systems

Take-home systems allow the bleaching products to be applied evenly over the tooth’s surface because the bleaching tray, fitted by a dentist, is custom-made to align with your teeth. Patients can apply them during the day or overnight. It generally takes 2-6 weeks to see results.

  • Over-the-Counter

Over-the-counter products are used similarly to the take-home, but the results are less reliable because the provided strips or trays do not fit as precisely as a custom-made bleaching tray. While they may be a good option for people to maintain their professional whitening results, over-the-counter teeth bleaching systems are not approved by the ADA (American Dental Association).

  • In-Office Bleaching

In-office bleaching typically utilizes more highly concentrated bleaching agent than the take-home methods; and the results are visible immediately after treatment. In-office bleaching is a good choice for people desiring instant whitening, as the previous options may take weeks for results to be visible.

What to Expect

Side effects involving tooth whitening are typically mild and temporary. Some of the more common problems are gum irritation or sensitive teeth. Poorly fitting whitening trays, or using the teeth bleaching agent for longer than recommended sessions, may lead to irritation.

Patients can reduce temporary sensitivity by using a fluoride toothpaste, placing fluoride gel in the tray prior to whitening, or spacing out their whitening treatments. Some take-home products are designed to reduce sensitivity, though they may be less potent and yield results more slowly.

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