Patient Stories

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and Holly is grateful that her smile is one that beams confidence. Dr. Beck of Grove Avenue Family Dentistry is partly to thank for her healthy, beautiful smile. Holly was born on Long Island, NY, but has been living in Richmond since she was ten years old. She was an undergrad at Virginia Commonwealth University, and is currently pursuing her graduate degree at Virginia Tech.

Holly has been a patient of Dr. Beck’s for 12 years, and there is a good reason she is willing to drive four hours to see Dr. Beck at Grove Avenue: Holly has a condition called Ectodermal dysplasia, which has caused a handful of dental issues. Between the ages of 10-13, Holly visited hundreds of doctors and dentists to figure out what was going on with her teeth. She was frustrated that no one had any clue what was causing the symptoms.

Fortunately, she was referred to Dr. Beck, who was finally able to diagnose her and help treat her. Although it took a couple of years of planning, taking x-rays and fitting molds, Dr. Beck was able to construct and deliver the final product – a healthy, beautiful smile for Holly. “My experience with Dr. Beck and the staff at Grove Avenue has been completely amazing,” states Holly, “they fit me in for emergencies. They have worked with me and my constraints. It is so wonderful and reassuring that I can call them when I have an emergency and be seen the very next day. They are so supportive.“

In her spare time Holly loves spending time with her friends, and checking out all the wonderful restaurants around Richmond. Recently engaged, she is having a great time planning her upcoming wedding. “Before I met Dr. Beck, I was in a poor dental situation. It’s such a huge thing he did for me, he gave me a smile that I can be proud of,” said Holly.

Vera has been a Richmond local for 40 years. She moved to Richmond for a temporary job as a schoolteacher, but it turned into a career. She is currently teaching kindergarten and first grade, and loves interacting with the kids and hearing all the things they say.

Vera has been a patient at Grove Avenue Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for 10 years. A friend originally referred Vera to Grove Avenue. Her initial experience was so wonderful that she has been a patient ever since.

“Dr. Epperly is just an angel,” states Vera “She is kind, and so patient. She took the time to explain things to me, and even wrote everything down for me. The receptionist is nice, the people you write your checks to are nice, the whole staff is just wonderful, they are like a big family!”

Vera needed braces to help straighten out her teeth, but she first needed some other dental work done before she could begin her orthodontic treatment. Dr. Epperly worked out a five-year plan for Vera to help her achieve a beautiful smile. With the additional help of an orthodontic surgeon, Dr. Epperly was able to ensure that Vera would finish treatment with a healthy and confident smile. “I just feel so much better with my new smile! My teeth are straight, they’re white, I just feel so good!” exclaimed Vera.

Elizabeth has been a patient at Grove Avenue Family & Cosmetic Dentistry ever since she can remember. Her grandmother works at Grove, and Elizabeth would come along and help out around the office when she was younger .

Now, Elizabeth is a freshman at Atlee High School. She is passionate about music, and has been in the chorus for five years now. She is also learning how to play the guitar. Although  she hasn’t gotten much into sports, Elizabeth does enjoy playing golf with her dad. She is the oldest, and has two younger sisters. Elizabeth wants to major in Business at UVA. She’s already taking classes in business and marketing to prepare!

Last year, Elizabeth started her Invisalign treatment to straighten out her teeth. “I believe having a healthy smile is important, because your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you.” Like many teenagers, Elizabeth was not fond of the idea of metal braces to straighten out her smile, so she was grateful to have the option of wearing Invisalign retainers. Because they are virtually invisible, no one can tell that you are wearing them. Another bonus is that the retainers are removable, so she can eat whatever she wants during her treatment!

She is happy to be doing her treatment at Grove Avenue, because everyone there is so friendly, and they take the time to form close relationships with their patients. “I like that when I go to Grove Avenue – I have actual conversations with the doctors and staff, it’s more than just booking an appointment, I get to know everyone.”