One could argue that the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, but from the infamous fudge recipes to fruitcake and all the other sweets this time of year, your smile may be at risk.  There’s holiday parties to attend and lot of pictures to be taken, which you will want to cherish for a lifetime.  Here are some tips to keep your smile looking festive throughout the holiday season and into the New Year!

Most of the treats coming into the office, holiday parties and weekends full of holiday revelry can take a toll on your smile.  Most of these foods and drinks often contain large amounts of sugar coupled with increased opportunities for snacking, maintain a constant sugar glaze on your teeth. When you “graze” over longer periods of time throughout the day and into the night, the steady stream of sugar in your mouth coats your teeth and mouth with sugar. This sugar glaze can cause erosion of the enamel on your teeth, which can promote cavities or worse.  Alcohol consumption can lead to dry mouth and a reduced saliva production thus creating ideal conditions for bacteria growth in the mouth.  If you can’t brush or floss after your activities, at least rinse your mouth with water.

Don’t skip brushing…

After you’ve been out late you want to go straight to bed when you get home, but don’t skip brushing, as you will allow bacteria to build up in your mouth.  The immune system responds by sending inflammatory chemicals to those areas to kill the bacteria, but in addition to combatting bacteria, those chemicals cause soft tissue and ligament damage.  Those tissues and ligaments actually hold your teeth in the jawbone.

Give yourself the gift of better oral health and brighter smile this holiday!  Treat yourself to an Oral B Vitality electric toothbrush available at our office for purchase.

Happy Holidays from your friends at Grove Avenue Family & Cosmetic Dentistry!

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