aging and dental health Richmond, VAGood dental care at any age helps minimize cavities and other oral health issues. At Grove Avenue Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we find that as patients age, they benefit even more from regular dental checkups because our dentists can detect age-related changes in their dental health and promptly address them.

Some common age-related dental issues include:

Receding of the gums. It’s common for gums to start receding with age. This may increase the chance that food particles get stuck near the gum line, causing plaque and decay.

Dry mouth and related conditions. Dry mouth is common in older patients, some of which may be caused by medication taken for a chronic health condition. Tooth loss becomes more common as the soft tissue structures that hold teeth in place weaken with age.
The aging process may increase sensitivity to medications used during dental procedures, such as numbing agents.

Cognitive changes affecting oral self-care. Some senior patients may have difficulty maintaining their oral self-care due to forgetfulness or dementia.

Just as age often prompts increased visits to a primary care physician, it also frequently precipitates increased reliance on dental professionals. Dentists often may suggest some timely changes or improvements to an older patient’s home oral health care regimen, such as:

  • Using a soft-bristled brush for regular toothbrushing.
  • Gum stimulation.
  • Flossing regularly.
  • Scheduling more frequent dental checkups to monitor age-related concerns.
  • Chewing sugarless gum to increase saliva production and neutralize the pH in a patient’s mouth.

Grove Avenue Family & Cosmetic Dentistry combines the finest dental care with a compassionate, patient-centered approach. We are dedicated to the lifetime preventive care of your teeth and oral health. If you are concerned with securing superior oral care for yourself or your aging loved ones, please contact us at (804) 285-1378 or request an appointment online.